Animal Shelter History

The Daphne Animal Shelter was established in 1989. When the city’s population reached 5,000 residents as mandated by state law city government was obligated to operate Animal Control in the city.  From 1969-1989, Dr. Albert Corte, D.V.M. Highland Animal Hospital operated as the Animal Shelter for the City of Daphne.  Dr. Corte is credited with volunteering his services to Daphne’s neediest animals for over 40 years.  He cared for sick, injured, stray, and lost animals in the City and surrounding community. Dr. Corte, the sole veterinarian in Daphne in 1967, also helped to adopt homeless, sick, injured and unwanted animals when their owners could not be found.  When citizens could no longer afford to take care of their animals Dr. Corte rescued them and provided the veterinary care they needed.

On January 2009, the City of Daphne recognized Dr. Corte for over 40 years volunteerism on behalf of animals in the community. In 1989, the City of Daphne with the help of dedicated volunteers played a vital role in helping establish the Daphne Animal Shelter.

The current shelter bears the name “Dr. Albert Corte, Jr. Animal Shelter” in  honor of Dr. Corte’s generosity in donating uncounted hours of care and medicines to homeless animals in Daphne.  Dr. Corte’s hope for the future is to see “Friends of The Animal Shelter” in Daphne to help further the humane and ethical treatment of animals in the community.

Dr. Corte’s selfless acts on behalf of animals is deserving of Meritorious Service for his invaluable contributions and for providing a much needed service. “We appreciate his enthusiasm, energy and tireless dedication for serving all of us in the City of Daphne.  Help continue the life- long work of local veterinarian Dr. Albert Corte, Jr. by caring for and adopting Daphne’s homeless animals.

Dr. Corte being recognized for 40+ years of service.