Lost Pets

Losing a pet can be very upsetting and stressful - for you and your pet! Here are some tips on what you can do to get your pet home safely as soon as possible!


  • Begin your search immediately at local shelters.
    Visit our shelter in person animals are kept 10 days before they are put up for adoption on petfinder.See animals at other shelters in the area by visiting www.petfinder.com

    Check shelters every 2-3 days – Most animal shelters only hold stray animals for a few business days before they are either made available for adoption or must be euthanized. Do not assume that a telephone call is enough! When you visit shelters check the kennels and File Animal reports that may be posted in the office! View our friends section for a list of shelters.

Complete a Lost Animal Report and bring or FAX it to the Daphne Animal Control business office in Daphne at 7145 Johnson Road, Daphne, FAX: (251) 621-2828, You can also come to the shelters and complete this form. 

Print out our Lost Pets Form here.

  • Post and Distribute Flyers in Your Area – Make flyers with your pet’s photo and description and the date and location they were lost. Be sure to include your address and phone number on the flyer. Post these in the neighborhood and distribute them to local veterinarians, groomers, pet and feed stores, schools and other local businesses. (And once you have found your pet, be sure that you take down the flyers and notify the businesses!) You can use our Lost Animal Report for your flyers, or design them yourself.
  • Place an Ad and keep looking in your Local Newspapers – Place an advertisement in your local newspapers and offer a reward, but do not specify the amount. This can act as an incentive for people to keep an eye out for your pet. Also, keep checking the Found Pet ads – often persons finding a lost pet will place an advertisement. Many newspapers offer free Lost and Found ads.
  • Talk with Local Veterinarians – Oftentimes, people who have found a lost animal will notify the closest veterinary office to inform them that they have found a lost pet.
  • Talk With Your Mail and Newspaper Delivery Persons - Provide them with a photograph and ask them to keep an eye out for your pet and/or any “found pet” signs in the area.
  • Search! - Go door-to-door and inform neighbors that you have lost your pet. Also drive around looking for your pet and calling your pet’s name.
  • Search the Internet for your lost pet and post a notice regarding your lost animal.
  • Don’t give up! – Many pets are found months after they are lost! So keep looking and doing everything you can to                    bring your pet home.