Foster Care

Steps for becoming a Daphne Animal Shelter Foster Parent

  1. First, plan on attending our foster parent interest meeting, where you will learn more about our foster program and how it works.
  2. Next, submit a completed application and agreement by downloading and printing these two forms.  Completed application and agreements should be mailed directly to the Animal Shelter at 7145 Johnson Rd, Daphne AL, 36526. Once we have reviewed your application, we will call you to get more in-depth information about your home setup, your animal related experience, and what kind of foster care assistance you would prefer to provide (orphan care, mommas & babies, special-needs animals, etc.). A home check and a call to your current veterinarian (if you have one) will also be required.
  3. Next, you will be required to participate in and pass our feline foster care workshop, our canine foster care workshop, or both, depending on the type(s) of animal you’d like to care for. Foster care providers who are interested in working with special needs animals, such as shy dogs, animals who are protective of resources, etc., will need to undergo additional specialized training with an DAS staffer. Once you have completed your training you will be placed on our roster as a potential foster home for the type of animal(s) you have been approved to foster.
  4. When we receive an animal(s) needing foster care, we will begin calling potential foster homes to find a placement for the animal(s). We will first go through our list and attempt to make personal contact with a foster care provider who is available to provide care. If we cannot make any personal connections, we may leave a message on an answering machine asking you to return our call. At that point, whoever calls us back first and is able to take the foster animal(s) will be selected to provide care for that animal(s).
  5. After you have completed a foster care assignment, which may take anywhere from a few days to a few months, depending on the animal(s), we will request that you complete a profile of the foster animal(s) designed to help us place the animal(s) for adoption, and an evaluation of your foster care experience, so that we can improve our foster care program. At the same time, we will prepare an internal evaluation of your performance as a foster care provider, and either return you to our foster care roster or meet with you regarding ways to improve our working relationship within the foster care program.

Please note: DAS reserves the right to remove any foster care provider from our program for any reason, and solely at our discretion.