Happy Endings

“It’s hard finding enough wonderful words to describe the good team at the Daphne Animal Shelter! From day one, they have always gone above and beyond to make us and Foxy Boo feel comfortable together allowing us to visit & play with her as often as we wanted. This team has been a big part of our life since getting Foxy a year ago and we can’t imagine going anywhere else if we choose to adopt another pet. From questions about flea control, dog temperament, to doggie day care, to heart worm preventative – we know that they will be there for whatever assistance we need. We recommend that everyone at least visit the shelter to see the adoptable pets – you do a FANTASTIC job Daphne with what you have to work with! Thank you for caring about animals as much as we do!!”

- John and Tessa Amell from Daphne

Two Very Happy Endings
My husband and I have always been animal lovers, owning a golden retriever, a chocolate lab and a miniature dachshund all at the same time in the same small house. However, after our beloved older dogs all passed within 6 months in 2006, we decided we would take a break for a while. Our second child had recently been born and we were busy with the tasks of a new baby, a toddler and full time jobs. It was true that our lives were lacking, but we did not feel comfortable committing to another animal when there was truly no spare time in our schedules. This changed slightly in 2008 when our son, then just 2, decided we needed to adopt a stray cat from the neighborhood. We were very lucky that “Aubie” was not a typical cat; she was uncharacteristically loving and allowed us to hold her like a baby, including the children!

After another year or so, while on vacation we met a gentleman and his 2 retired racing greyhounds. We were amazed and intrigued! This fueled the desire to once again have a dog in our home. I went to work on my research right away and was shocked to discover that these incredible, muscular, large dogs were not hyper and rambunctious, but rather gentle giants, just desiring to enjoy their retirement to the fullness, preferably on the couch!  We decided that this would indeed be the perfect breed for our family, especially after finding out that so many need homes after their short racing lives.

In May 2010 our search ended when our family was paired with the perfect greyhound, Rodeo Breezy, through a local foster “mom,” who helps these animals transition from living their lives in a cage at the racing track to a “furever” home. She was indeed an integral part in our finding the perfect dog. She conducted a home visit and reviewed our application, making certain we were 100% prepared. She also followed up to make certain Breezy was in the right place.

Breezy is such a perfect fit. She is laid back and relaxed, but has plenty of energy when given the chance to run “free” in the yard. She loves riding in the Jeep, as well as on the boat. She’ll choose her spot on the boat and dare anyone to take it (one look says it all). She definitely knows who prepares her meals every day and gives her an afternoon walk, giving Mom extra love every morning, on return from work in the afternoon and at bedtime. She loves the kids and will frolic with them as well. She also has quite a fondness for stuffies, often retreating to the one of the kids’ room to “borrow” one of theirs.

My husband and I are both glad we made the decision to adopt a needy animal rather than purchasing a pure bred from what could possibly be a “puppy mill” or less-than-honest breeder. We will certainly continue to be advocates for shelters in and around our area, knowing that there is an overwhelming need for these animals to find their “furever” homes.

We are also huge advocates for spaying and neutering these animals. It is imperative we, as pet owners, take a stand which will help make a difference in our community and in the unnecessary overpopulated animal shelters. We hope to convey this message to our children so that they, too, can become responsible, happy pet owners.

I am thrilled at the opportunity to speak out for these very needy animals and will continue to help in any way I can. Thanks to the Daphne Animal Shelter for all you do for our community and these helpless animals.

- Kimberley Nolfe from Daphne


Bagheera the cat!

When I lost my job, I knew I needed a comforting companion, so I went to the shelter and found my cat “Bagheera”, who had been caught in a trap. I took him straight to Dr. Chris at Relhm animal clinic, had him bathed, hydrated, wormed etc….. It has been over a year now, and he is big, healthy and is my best boy. Since I have adopted “Bagheera” this has been the best year of our life. One of my favorite Disney movies is The Jungle Book, that’s how he became, “Bagheera”, well, he fit the description.

I have NEVER had a cat that bonded in such a human way as Bagheera does. I can’t see my life without him. I have had three (3) dramatic surgeries all in a year. This cat has been by my side through all of my turmoil and trials. I have been told by family and friends that he is not a cat! He is one of us. He’s sick when I am sick. Bagheera lets me know when he needs me to sit down with him, and honestly, he’s my guardian angel.                                                                               

I owe all of my thanks to the Daphne Animal Shelter for this precious boy. Even though I had just lost my job and had only 50.00 dollars to my name, I knew that I had to take this boy home with me.

I am 36 years old, 5’9, and feel like a child when he is with me. I don’t know what drove me to go to the shelter that day, but I am so glad I did. I needed him and he needed me! I would do it again and encourage everyone else to do the same!


Kay Heard of Saraland, AL