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Katie & Emma G. raised over $52.00 with a lemonade stand and over the Spring Break. They donated the proceeds to the Daphne Animal Shelter for the homeless animals. We wish to thank Katie & Emma for their hard work and donating to the shelter.


Mrs. Nolfe gifted teacher of Daphne Elementary School coordinated a Service Learning Project featuring Pets On Parade! The service project was to benefit the Daphne Animal Shelter. Each child donated $1 and a photo of their pet for a photographic display throughout the hall of the school. The class collected $100 that was donated in person by the students and while there was treated to a tour of the shelter and animals.


Donald J. Ouellete

Hi, my name is Donald J. Ouellette.  I am the President of the Madison Place POA. The only reason I stated this is that people stop me if they feel something is wrong.

Over the last two weeks, we have called the Animal Shelter twice a day.

Two Saturday’s ago I saw a grey dog wandering around the streets at Whispering Pines and Parker Lane.  It was on a weekend so I didn’t report it to the Animal Shelter.   A few days later just after I arrived at my house on Elizabeth Drive the dog was in my yard.  We called the Animal Shelter and lured the dog into the house.  They came and picked him up.  It looked like a pure bred and a very beautiful dog, wish we were in a position to adopt him.

Today, as I was leaving the house one of my neighbors stopped me and  had me listen to see if I could hear some noise from the drainage intake on the street, I could.  I then proceeded to call the Animal Shelter.  They came up and took the cat out of the drainage intake.  Unfortunately the cat’s back legs were broken, it looked as if he got hit by a car.  This made a sad day for me, but at least he won’t be suffering any more.


Donald J. Ouellette

Micheal Graham
Michael Graham, the Executive Director of The Haven, is extremely proud of what the Daphne Animal Shelter has been doing.  As partners in the Maddie’s Pet Rescue Project in Baldwin County, they work closely together to ensure that no healthy, adoptable animals are put down due to lack of space.  “Daphne has done a tremendous job in getting their animals adopted,” he says.  “At one point this summer they did not have any dogs to adopt!”  Graham adds that those who work at the Daphne Shelter want to see results like that more often.

Olivia Barter Birthday Wish
In January 2011, in lieu of gifts at a Birthday Party the guests were asked to bring a donation for the homeless animals at the Daphne Animal Shelter. Olivia Barter and Claire Mattingly are best friends who attend Christ the King School.  Their birthdays are one day apart, so this year they planned a slumber party to celebrate both of their 12th birthdays!  Since Olivia and her family had recently adopted two kittens from a local animal shelter, they saw the great numbers of animals in need of love and food.  So, the birthday girls decided to request that their guests bring pet food instead of gifts.   Their friends were happy to oblige and about a hundred pounds of dog and cat food was collected and donated to the Daphne Animal Shelter.   The staff at the shelter was so grateful that they made Claire and Olivia certainly feel that giving is better than getting!   Thank You!

Michelle Torre and her dog, Sushi a year later
“I found her about a year ago at the Daphne Animal after going from going from shelter to shelter.  I was hoping for a bigger dog, and she turned out to be about 40lbs.  Now, I wouldn’t trade her for anything!  She is the most lovable and calm dog I have ever been around.  She is definitely part of our family and I hope to add a sibling for her soon! ”

Michelle Torre, Manager of Snap Fitness.

Pallets for Pooches by Alison Brumfield
Pallets for Pooches is a concept I came up with last year as my dog stood shivering at the back door to be let in. It couldn’t have been any cooler than 60 degrees (and she does have a flair for the dramatic), but I still rushed to let her in and bundled her up in an old blanket. That planted a seed, I suppose, because all that night I couldn’t stop thinking about all those precious puppies and kitties at the shelters who didn’t have a warm blanket to crawl under when the nights got cold. The next day, I decided to do something about it. So, I rummaged through closets and storage bins and found about 15 old blankets and towels which I took to The City of Mobile Animal Shelter. They were so incredibly appreciative and gave me a list of all the other needs they had. I had not realized until then how much shelters depend on donations from people in the community. Recognizing that I had to do something to make others aware of these needs and attempt to fulfill them I did what I do best…I threw a party. But, not just any party…a party for a purpose. First, I did research on all the local shelters and picked 4 that I felt needed the most assistance. Then, I found out from each shelter what their specific needs were. Afterwards, I sent out invitations along with a combined “Wish List”. The response was remarkable. Through that one party alone, Pallets for Pooches, was able to donate:

Towels: 71, Blankets: 76, Dog Food: 142 lbs, Puppy Food: 4.4 lbs, Dog Treats: 15 packages, Dog Toys: 28, Dog flea Medicine: 2 doses, Leashes: 2, Cat Food: 43 lbs, Kitten Food: 3.5 lbs, Litter: 5 bags, Cat Toys: 10, Cat Treats: 4 packages, Cat Flea Medicine: 3 doses, Cat Collar: 1, Old Newspaper: 1 box, Paper Towels: 11 rolls, Bleach: 4 bottles, Washing Detergent: 4bottles.

Michelle Torre was kind enough to suggest putting a donation box and a sign at her place of business Snap Fitness and we received many donations through that as well.

The plan for Pallets for Pooches is to continue an annual Party for a Purpose in December of each year but, in addition, have a donation drive during the summer. I’m hopeful that the concept will continue to expand and, in time, be able to provide our local shelters a dependable way to get necessary items, free of charge.

As a side note, I am still working on the Pallets for Pooches website and Facebook page. Look for us on the internet!

Thank You Pallets for Pooches from DAS!


    Thank You Mercy Medical!

l to r Courtney Henderson, Laundry Supr. , Jacqueline Luckett,  and Rhonda Jones, Animal Control Officer.

On September 9, 2011, Mercy Medical of Daphne donated 20 blankets to Daphne’s homeless at the Daphne Animal Shelter.

“On behalf of the staff and homeless animals at the Dr. Albert Corte, Jr. Daphne Animal Shelter, we sincerely thank Mercy Medical for their donation.

The blankets will aid in easing the fear of transitioning to new people, experiences and surroundings by having something that is familiar to them. Your contribution is truly appreciated by those who need it most, the homeless animals under our care. ”   Daphne Animal Shelter.


Happy 1st Birthday Alexander!

l to r Laura Wilber, Linda Matthews, ACO , Alexander Wilber, and Rhonda Jones, A C O.

Alexander Wilber’s 1st Year Donation

On September 19, 2011, in lieu of gifts at a Birthday Party the guests were asked to bring a donation for the homeless animals at the Daphne Animal Shelter. Courtesy Laura C. Wilbers Spanish Fort, AL.    Thank You from the Daphne Animal Shelter!